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Acadia Marketing believes in growing small businesses through “people-first” marketing efforts. We analyze each way customers and clients find your business, and drastically increase your exposure within each funnel to achieve real and long-term growth.

Website Services

Your website is your digital business card, but if not set up properly can become just a billboard in the woods. Whether you need to increase the rankings and performance of your current website or need a website designed from scratch, we have you covered.


Your business tells a story. We help deliver that story to your audience in a handful of different ways, including: creating content using your business’s theme and aesthetic, incorporating your roots into this creation, and using branding strategy to build a relationship between your brand and consumers.

Digital advertising

Once you are happy with your website and your business is positioned to be found by people searching for you online, digital advertising is where the magic happens. We put your service or product offering in front of a defined audience of only potential future clients and customers, positioning the ad in such a way that you typically spend 40% or less of the industry average per website visitor. We then use technology to keep you updated on these real, measurable results.

Free Marketing Assessment

Acadia Marketing’s mission is to help incredible small businesses get the exposure they deserve. This no-cost assessment is packed with useful information which you can utilize whether or not you use our services. A few of these topics include: current performance, goals, your website, Google rankings, social media presence, and community outreach.


Website Design



Sales Funnel Dev

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Social Media

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Content Marketing

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Digital Advertising

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