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Welcome to Acadia Marketing!

We’re more than just a marketing agency; we’re a team of passionate individuals driven by the belief that every small business deserves a chance to thrive in the digital world. Our journey began with a simple realization – so many amazing local businesses struggle to reach their true potential due to limited marketing know-how and limited time to dedicate to marketing.

Our Inspiration

We are surrounded by small businesses in our community, and we witness firsthand the passion and dedication these entrepreneurs put into their craft. We also notice the struggle many face in navigating the complex realm of marketing. These businesses are absolutely essential to our communities, whether it is the local pizza shop that serves the best pizza in town, the mechanic who does better work than franchised auto-shops while charging less, or the gym in town that maintains the best facility yet most have never heard of. Therefore, it is our responsibility at Acadia Marketing to bridge this gap and provide the most effective tailored marketing solutions to empower local businesses.

Our Vision

At Acadia Marketing, we envision a world where every small business has the tools and strategies to thrive in an ever-changing marketing landscape. We believe that a well-crafted marketing strategy can propel a local business from a reliance on word-of-mouth to the forefront of every funnel of their consumers’ buyer journey.

Our Mission: Our mission is simple yet powerful – to even the playing field for small businesses that do not typically have access to the marketing resources that franchises and corporations do. We understand that each business is unique, and we’re committed to creating personalized marketing strategies that align with your brand, values, and goals.

What Sets Us Apart:

  • Personal Approach: We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our team takes the time to understand your business, industry, and audience to tailor strategies that have been proven to transform the success of small businesses.
  • Expertise and Research: We utilize resources such as industry data from Nielsen and current market trends to position your business for exposure and success.
  • Passion for Growth: Your growth is our success. We’re genuinely passionate about seeing your business flourish, and we’ll work tirelessly to achieve your marketing objectives
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